Sunday 1:00 – 2:00
Hands on Instrumentation: How to Build a Profile
The science of color management has matured to the point where a novice user can make a dependably good printer profile using any of the software packages available today. But in many cases you have more choices than ever, which can make things confusing if you don't know which options to choose. Herold will guide attendees through the ICC profile creation process using a at least one popular profiling package then review the data in the profile by opening it in a profile inspection utility. Novice users or those that want to brush up on the latest profile creation techniques will come away with a solid understanding of the profiling process after attending this crowd-pleasing hands-on lab.

Pat Herold
Tech Support / Lab

Patrick Herold manages technical support for all things relating to color management at CHROMiX.  He has been an integral beta tester for many of the most popular hardware and software products including i1Profiler, ColorMunki, ColorThink, and Curve2.  He contributes articles to the Chromix ColorNews,, and for PIA's The Magazine.  He authored the popular internet article: "How do I get my printer to match my screen?"  and regularly guides customers safely through the quagmires of color management.  Pat comes from a high-volume analog and digital image-processing background as director of color management at PhotoWorks, where his team won several awards for image quality.